MySwing Golf. The world's most advanced technology. Now Available.

Andrew Thomas Golf, Brad Parker Golf and Wembley Golf Course announce the MySwing 3D motion capture.

This addition to our coaching facility provides Western Australian golfers access to the most advanced golf improvement technology in the world. 

3 must-have items for your golf bag

Let's take a look at 3 items that I consider essential to have in your golf bag if you are to improve your game as a whole. These are quick and easy to gather, and can be used both on the course while you're playing, and on the practice tee.

1) A whiteboard marker. 2) A notepad. 3) A towel.

Supercharge your swing changes

Making improvements and changes to your swing can be fraught with danger. Especially, if you are not a 100% sure or 100% committed to the process. When you implement the following steps, you will find that it can be quite a rewarding and enjoyable experience.   

Decide what you need to change relating to ball flight
For example; big slice or hook, hitting the ground early, missing the sweet spot...

Get the most out of your time!

Purposeful Practice Prevents Poor Performance. $25 includes tuition and balls for bookings call Andrew now!


It's time to ignite your skills!

2018 is your year

See below for our Lesson Packages and Details for this year and let's start your journey to better golf together! 

Beginner, Social or Recreational, Elite, Experienced or Inexperienced, we’ll have an approach to help you on your journey. 

We’ve helped hundreds of golfers. Your golf is our passion. 

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